The aim of the project is to increase the human capacity in high schools that will work on the integration of ICT in teaching through the application of technologies for e-learning and through creation of digital content for education in the form of online OERs. The project will provide training for the creation of digital content and the integration of ICT in teaching that is designed for a critical number of teachers from each partner organization. Creation of a critical number of digital content for teaching that will be used by all partner organizations and the wider community of teachers is also foreseen with the project. Besides teachers, students who will use these OERs will benefit from the project.

In the last decade great efforts have been made to integrate ICT in the educational process. But it has not been carried out with the desired dynamics. There are a lot of reasons for it among which the following are considered as most important ones: lack of digital learning content, insufficient training of teachers and lack of desire and motivation to follow and use the latest technologies and methodologies for e-learning. Besides these, the lack of time for preparation and application of these technologies in the classroom has been pointed out. These facts have been presented in numerous external researches and have been subject of our recent research on user acceptance of technology for e-learning. An indirect factor for reasons of inadequate integration of ICT in teaching is the rapid development of technology. Technology is developing faster than the average teachers can follow.

This project will help teachers make comparison between the technologies and methodologies they are currently using and the latest trends worldwide. The trainings will help them learn about new technologies and to gain skills for their application. With an adequate training they will be encouraged to start creating and sharing their own digital content.

Due to the above mentioned we believe that the implementation of this project will have adequate impact: teachers will receive increased competencies and skills through training; schools will receive advanced teaching methodology and students will be able to use directly lessons that we think will be more contemporary and easier to use.

University Goce Delchev
  • Zoran Zdravev
  • Project Coordinator
  • Igor Stojanovic
  • Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Aleksandar Krstev
  • Project Secretary
Second English school "Thomas Jefferson"
  • Veselina Ivanova
  • Local Project Coordinator
  • Svetoslav Stamenov
  • Local Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Lyudmila Stoyanova
  • Local Project Coordinator
  • Daniela Minkovska
  • Local Assistant Project Coordinator
SGGUGS "Zdravko Cvetkovski"
  • Dragica Kostadinovska
  • Local Project Coordinator
  • Marijana Stevanoska
  • Local Assistant Project Coordinator
High School "Dobri Daskalov"
  • Nevenka Pop-Angelova
  • Local Project Coordinator
  • Zoran Milevski
  • Local Assistant Project Coordinator
Gymnasium Curt Nicolin
  • Anders Sodergren
  • Local Project Coordinator
  • Zlatko Karov
  • Local Assistant Project Coordinator