Preparation by organisation and by partners before the actual project activities take place


By the time project begins, special attention will be given in communication between project management team. They will have several online conference meetings, discussion all aspects of proposed activity and proposing best possible teachers, kind of the teaching materials that will be developed. UGD will communicate with project partners, beneficiaries in this project on the necessity to prepare their staff/members on the forthcoming program and the expectations from them i.e. the necessity to organize further dissemination of the obtained knowledge/skills.

Another issue is going to be the management of production of reports which each of the project partners will have to prepare with utmost precision and in timely manner.

Finally, UGD team will take care to keep communication channels as open as possible in order to identify possible bottle-neck situations on time and with collaboration with the rest of the partners to resolve them.

Each of the project partner will be encouraged to give any kind of proposal, initiative or remark which would improve project's implementation efficiency.