Improvement of human capacities and creation of repositories of online digital teaching contents - OERs


This project is organized in a way that two specific outcomes are foreseen:

1. Firstly, improvement of human capacities in a sensitive field – education

This will be achieved through four separate training sessions which will function as a whole where the participants will gain new competences regarding ICT in the teaching process.

Participants will improve their competences by:
- gathering information about the current level of ICT implementation in the high schools that participate in the project;

- specifying the technologies and the methodologies in use;

- identifying the best practices in each school participant in the project;

- being introduced and taught how to use new technologies and methodologies in ICT (e-learning platforms)

- being trained to create their own digital teaching content

2. Secondly, creation of repositories of online digital teaching contents - OERs

To be sustainable, UGD through CEU will ensure continuous operation and upgrading of the portal and repository where the created OERs will be deposited. Also, in direct cooperation and support from high schools and the Ministry it will possible to continuously create new OERs and upgrade the existing ones.

Schools will be able to give internal courses/trainings to the rest of the teaching staff to develop and broaden their skills and competencies.

UGD through CEU will continue with offering training for e-learning and creation of OERS to other interested individuals and institutions.