Impact on the participants, participating organisations, target groups


This project will have direct and indirect effects not only on all participants in the project but to broader targeted or not targeted consumers. It is also foreseen that for some of the participants involved the impact will be immediate and for others it will be gradual and postponed.

The teachers and institutions that will undergo the training sessions will be able to raise their awareness and capacity to evaluate the present situation regarding implementation of ICT in the teaching process. Due to the openness and the proposed interaction during the training sessions they will be able not only scan and evaluate their own work (both teachers and high school representatives), but they will develop skills to evaluate other people’s experiences on the topic.

By implementing the new skills and methodologies they directly change and modernize the teaching process. Being part of large teams they will share their newly learned experiences and best practices with their colleagues and help them improve their own teaching methodology.

Taking part in multiplier events and scientific gatherings that will be organized in the project member countries or in their neighboring ones will develop a large net of interested individuals and institutions that could implement some or most of the gained experience.

By putting on the web the results of the analyses, recommendations and tutorials they will communicate the best practices, advises, methodologies and implemented technology to the broader teaching community.

Students on the other hand, who belong to the generation raised with computer technology and internet, will benefit from the change in the methodology. They will have the opportunity to learn new content in an environment that is more natural for them. Consequently, they will be more interested in teaching process and the gap between the teaching and learning process will be bridged.

Impact of the project at the local, regional, national, European and/or international levels


Enabling a significant number of local teachers to make evaluation on current conditions, discuss advantages and disadvantages of current and new technologies and methodologies, constant updating of the current practices without being afraid of changes. By creating a regional network of cooperation all the participants will be directly involved in making changes in the current practices. The online repositories will keep data on changes and best practices and will be open to a broader community worldwide. This will enhance vivid communication and collaboration among professionals and respective institutions internationally.

Measure the previously mentioned impacts


Above proposed is going to be measured through:
- number of trained staff
- increased number of blended e-learning school course
- number of created OERs and their download
- number of visitors to the sites that contain OERs
- number of seminars/workshops organized by trained individuals
- number of staff that will be trained by their colleagues who had been exposed to the know-how transfer, subject of this project
- number of IT tools accessible through various platforms (Windows, iOs or Android)