Methods for dissemination


Several methods for dissemination of the project results are planned in order to reach wider target audience for this project. The main target audience on local level are the teacher and the students. They will directly benefit from the project outcomes. Besides the teachers and students in the partner organizations, the planed dissemination activates will ensure that teachers, students and stakeholders outside the project consortium are informed and educated about the project, its results and potential benefits for the education system and the society in general.

At local level other target audiences would include but would not be limited to:

- teachers and students

- elementary and secondary schools

- local authorities

- local media

- and the potentially interested business community.

At national level the target audiences would include

- the Ministries of education in the participating countries

- other national agencies and bodies related to education

- other educational institutions

- and the national media.

Responsible for the dissemination activities


As project leader, Goce Delchev University will take care for dissemination activities. A special department within UGD is established in order to produce & publish news related to University's activities. Having 5 employees (editor-in-chef, program editor, video/ photo editor and journalist) and number of students having their practical work at the University Radio, this unit is quite capable to cover the needs for professional happening cover. Just to add, this unit (Department for Public Relations) regularly produce news in audio/video format and upload them on Youtube, providing information on University activities, educational, project, sport, etc.

Dissemination activities


Project partners clearly understand the necessity to disseminate project results. Due to the big difference in the target group background, suitable communication channel will be used.

1. Broadcasting media: National/Regional/Local TV stations will be invited to report on the project's goals and expected results. Upon completion of the trainings, media will be invited to report on the participants gain knowledge and how they intend to apply & spread the know-how they have obtained.

2. Companies website: since all of the project partners possess a website, enormous amount of information (written, short communications, pictures) will be uploaded. Also, the intelectual outputs and other form of deliverables will be offered for use to the broad audience.

3. Social media sites: Facebook is considered one of the top social sites in this part of the world. Hence, we will open a FB fun page and will invite the public to visit our FB page.

Open access requirement for all materials


Each individual originating from project leader organization or the remaining project partners that wish to be a part of this project will have to clearly prove that they understand that every deliverable/product will be considered as a property of this project, hence every use of the deliverables will be free of charge.

Every deliverable will be posted on the websites of the project itself as well at the project partners too. However, positive respond to any request to provide link from other websites to the project deliverables posted on the partners websites is to be expected.

Tutorial, digital content and written material


Each and every deliverable in a form of tutorial, manual or guideline or any other form of IT tool and digital content or written material that will be produced during the implementation of this project will be uploaded on the project's website and websites of the of the project partners.
Access to these tools will be free of charge and available to be downloaded for further use of any interested individual or enterprise.